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Patrick Lambert moved to the United States in 1983. After a short stay of three years in California he and his wife moved to Virginia at the feet of the Blue Ridge where they started to raise their family. From an early age he displayed a deep interest in fine arts and painting in particular, and he remembers his passion for the paintings of Caravaggio and the time he spent trying to copy them while in middle school.
He spent his youth in Paris, and during his teen years, he got involved in the world of amateur photography with school friends who became the nucleus of his photographic experience.
Later, he started an apprenticeship in a studio lab in the heart of Paris, where he interacted with models and photographers who worked for clients like Channel, Hermes, and prestigious magazines. During that period, he learned much about light, colors, composition, as well as the chemistry involved in the argentic process. Later on, after earning a degree in Graphic Design he followed that path for a while until economic developments forced him to reconsider his future.
Family and friends encouraged him to market his talent and move forward with his artistic career.
His vision is simple; "I want to capture an instant of life in a frame of light, shapes and forms where the viewer perceives and interprets his personal emotions at the glance of a regard."
Since then, Patrick Lambert when not busy painting , travels and takes pictures for his differents projects, and when at home, he volunteers his time in his community.
You can see some of his works on this site.

He will be glad to get your comments at :patricklmbrt531@gmail.com